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Grant History

February 2, 2019 marked the 41st time that Brother, Help Thyself has presented grant awards to the Washington-Baltimore region's LGBTQ/SGL charities. We began in 1978 with two grants totaling $4,518: $3,162 to the Gay Men's VD Clinic (which years later became what we know today as Whitman-Walker Health) and $1,355 to the Gay & Lesbian Switchboard of Washington, DC. A year later, in 1979, we doubled the number of charities to four and almost doubled the amount awarded to $7,148. Notable that second year as well was making our first grant to a Baltimore charity, the Chase-Brexton Clinic.

In 40 years, we have awarded 1,098 grants to 194 unique charities, totaling $3,170,119. Our average grant over the years has been approximately $3,000; our smallest grant ever was a $50 grant made in 1990 (and, yes, the group actually asked for $50!); and the largest grant ever was $20,414 to Food & Friends in 1992. We hit the $1 million mark of total giving in 1997; the $2 million mark in 2006; and the $3 million mark in 2015. We are now at almost $3.2 million dollars, and if history proves correct, we should hit our $4 million mark in 2027.


Congratulations to all of our grantees! We are proud to celebrate the work you do in our communities and are glad we could be a part of those efforts, because none of this would be possible without you.

2018 Grants


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1978 - 2017 Grants

The following PDF documents Brother, Help Thyself's history of grantmaking from 1978 - 2017. In many cases, the organization listed is no longer in operation, but in others, you will see that some remain grantees today, and some have outgrown our ability to help. The latter is not a bad thing; as far as we're concerned, if an organization has grown beyond our ability to help, we have succeeded in getting them to that point.